Guillermo Del Toro Will Be Rebooting The Haunted Mansion

As a surprise at the end of the Tron: Legacy panel Disney had a big announcement to make: they’re rebooting The Haunted Mansion, and Guillermo del Toro is going to be directing it. I know, I was surprised too. Not just that, but del Toro himself took the stage to talk about his plans for the reboot, promising that the movie will be “truly scary” and if you take the children to see the movie, “they will scream.” They showed off the first logo for the film, which is just a green and spooky looking “HM,” and the first image of “The Hatbox Ghost,” which del Toro says they’re hoping to make the linchpin of the film.

Del Toro talked about his length about his memories of visiting the original Disneyland attraction as a child, and emphasized that he wants to be truer to it than Disney’s earlier attempt to cash in: “We’re being true to the original art and aesthetic or the original Imagineers who created the mansion. We are not returning Eddie Murphy’s calls.” He continued, “To me the mansion has to become the haunted house movie that a generation remembers and loves after being created by us.”


Any Ariel & Eric fans?